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Our Mission

Our mission is to restore nature in urban environments through landscape projects that engage, educate, and empower the local community.

MiniNature Reserve noun  a native garden in a public park, school, parkway, container, or small business store front  grown, planted, and tended for by the community from seed

Pan y Plantas noun a free bilingual workshop with pan dulce in which attendees learn about propagation of California Native Plants while propagating the very plants that will be used to create MiniNature Reserves


Community Nursery noun a nursery full of California Native Plants that were grown from seed by volunteers. Plants grown are used to create MiniNature Reserves or are sold to the general public to help fund workshops and staff. Volunteers can take plants and seeds home for free. The Community Nursery is also an education center and one day might even be a green space in downtown Oxnard.

MiniNature Reserve is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Our Projects


Mini Nature Reserves

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